Our service-oriented and experienced staff understands the maintenance needs of production, the importance of rapid response time, and which functions require special care.

With Orfer's maintenance services, you save effort, time, and money. By servicing your equipment with Orfer's maintenance service, you ensure that the machines remain operational cost-effectively throughout their lifecycle.

By maintaining industrial equipment, not only do we maintain efficiency, but we also minimize unplanned production downtime and the associated costs.
Our maintenance staff ensures that you are not left alone in case of any potential problems, and your production operates as planned.

Immediate spare parts and replenishment of spare parts inventory

There are many industrial equipment spare parts and suppliers and ordering them is time-consuming work. Our experts assist you with your spare parts needs with solid expertise.

We solve your spare parts-related needs easily, agilely, and cost-effectively. Orfer offers cost-effective spare part services for immediate needs or replenishing your spare parts inventory.

With our spare part service, you can acquire all the spare parts for industrial equipment, including third-party components, quickly and effortlessly under one roof.

Through us, you will receive properly dimensioned and comprehensive spare part recommendations, as well as components and their manufacturing, delivery, and if necessary, installation and commissioning services.

Ordering spare parts

Spare part inquiries can be made through the email address, which is accessible to all our spare part experts. This ensures that no spare part inquiry is overlooked, even during holiday seasons. The following instructions will help you receive the fastest response time for service.

The following identification details specify the ordered spare part:

  • Item number of the spare parts
  • Image number of the spare parts

If the item number or image number is unknown, spare parts can also be inquired about using the following identification details:

  • Project number
  • Position number or device serial number within the project
  • Identification information, such as a photograph, showing the spare part and its location

All spare part inquiries are to be sent to the e-mail address


At your service:
Jukka Heinonen
Service Manager
gsm. +358 50 312 1384
- oCare contracts and preventive maintenance
- repairs

Kimmo Suomensyrjä
gsm. +358 41 731 4484
- spare parts

Henri Kahila
gsm. +358 50 312 5256
- spare parts

Spare parts inquiries: ocare(at)