A friendly reminder about the importance of preventive maintenance



The purpose of lifecycle services is to ensure the desired productivity of the investment from commissioning until the end of the system’s lifecycle. Lifecycle services help you avoid surprises and maximize the return on investment. Preventive maintenance should be part of the production budget and schedule.


Maintenance services are a significant part of Orfer lifecycle services. Proper maintenance sustains efficiency of equipment and minimizes unplanned downtime. Orfer employees will help you in problematic situations that might arise.


Robot maintenance regardess of the brand

Inter alia, the global supply chain crisis has increased the pressure of manufacturing industry. The pressure reflects in long order queues. The importance of maintenance is now at its peak, the equipment must function as planned. Orfer maintains and repairs robots regardless of the brand. Each robot has its own unique maintenance schedule which keeps the equipment in working order for a long time. It is a cost-effective way to reduce the environmental burden, save costs, and minimize unexpected downtime.


Preventive maintenance prevents the following common problems: 

• Drive deviations 

• Transmission faults 

• Engine breakdowns 

• Repeatability issues 

• Cable damage 

• Loss of programs 

• Other safety issues 

For us, the long service life and safe operation of industrial equipment are a matter of honor.