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Orfer to equip Kiilto's Turku factory with secondary packaging and palletizing line.

Orfer and Kiilto partnered in 2021 as Kiilto sought a solution to enhance its packaging and logistics efficiency in Hankasalmi. Orfer delivered comprehensive packaging and palletizing solution for the very purpose.

Anssi Manninen, Production Manager at Kiilto, commented on the previous delivery to Hankasalmi: “The automation system achieved its goals of increasing production efficiency, improving the functionality and environmental friendliness of packaging, and making work stages less ergonomically demanding.”

According to Markku Mustonen, Technical Manager at Kiilto, a similar functional solution was also desired in Turku to reduce manual work and thereby increase production efficiency.

Mustonen emphasized the reasons for choosing Orfer: “The Hankasalmi factory had already had good experiences with implementing a similar project and cooperating with Orfer. The standardization of equipment between factories also brings its own synergy benefits.”

The new system delivery to Kiilto factory in Turku, efficiently forms product groups and packages them in wrap-around boxes, saving up to 20% on packaging and reducing environmental impact.

The wrap-around boxes are sealed with company’s own biodegradable hot-melt adhesive for enhanced sustainability. The result is more efficient and environmentally friendly shelf-ready package (SRP).

The boxes are then stacked on pallets and transported onwards to the wrapping system.

The system also makes transportation more efficient and environmentally friendly. The wrap-around boxes are more compact than traditional boxes, and the automated palletizing and wrapping further improve efficiency.

Comprehensive Orfer lifecycle services, such as oCare 24/7 remote support, maintenance, and spare parts services, are essential for ensuring efficient and reliable production throughout the entire solution lifecycle.

About Kiilto

Kiilto is a growing Finnish family business that is committed to sustainable development. The company provides a wide range of consumer and professional hygiene products and adhesive and fireproofing products for businesses that help customers create healthy and safe environments.

Kiilto's solutions are designed to minimize environmental impact. The company uses renewable raw materials, recyclable packaging materials, and is committed to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

About Orfer

Orfer provides robotic automation solutions for the secondary packaging and palletizing of food and beverage products at the end of the production line. We partner with our clients to develop a comprehensive understanding of their business needs, integrate our solutions with their production line seamlessly, and offer them ongoing training and 24/7 support.