Satamaito is Strengthening Its Competitive Edge

 More efficient logistics through clever packaging solutions

 Satamaito is a Finnish dairy cooperative that is committed to animal well-being, sustainability, and quality.

 “Satamaito chose Orfer because it aims to enhance secondary packaging efficiency and to diversify packaging options, thereby improving the dairy’s competitiveness in the fierce competition of the liquid milk market,” told Anniina Honkanen CEO at Satamaito.

Satamaito is investing in two wrap-around packaging machines from Orfer, as Satamaito's various clients and their central warehouses will require different packaging formats. Orfer will deliver the dairy with two wrap-around packaging machines capable of producing these various formats with a single unit. These solutions will ensure flexibility and efficiency in meeting the diverse packaging requirements of Dairy’s clientele.

The machines will be capable of packaging 2dl, 0.5l, and 1l gable-top cartons in 6-pack, 8-pack, and 10-pack configurations. These variations are packed into wrap-around boxes, shoulder boxes, or trays. The secondary packaging will be entirely based on biodegradable materials, aligning with Satamaito’s sustainability goals.

The implementation of the wrap-around packaging machines not only enhances flexibility but also significantly boosts production capacity for Satamaito. Cutting-edge wrap-around packaging solution effortlessly automate the packing of products for both delivery and display. These packaging machines create a packaging around the product group, sealing it with hot-melt adhesive.


The resulting robust packaging not only saves up to 20% on packaging materials (compared to manually packed products) but also minimizes the environmental footprint of transportation by optimizing space, thanks to enhanced stackability of the product group.

Comprehensive Orfer lifecycle services, such as oCare 24/7 remote support, maintenance, and spare parts services, are essential for ensuring efficient and reliable production throughout the entire solution lifecycle.


About Satamaito

Satamaito is a cooperative owned by 103 dairy farms, with roots dating back 120 years. At Satamaito’s dairy, over fifty million liters of milk, buttermilk, cream, and yogurts are produced annually.


About Orfer

Orfer provides robotic automation solutions for the secondary packaging and palletizing of food and beverage products at the end of the production line. We partner with our clients to develop a comprehensive understanding of their business needs, integrate our solutions with their production line seamlessly, and offer them ongoing training and 24/7 support.